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My Work

I am a lighting designer and technician based in York. I started my lighting design career at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough where I worked for almost 9 years. This has given me good experience in lighting in the round and proscenium having worked with many companies in different theatres. Since continuing on to a freelance career I have worked on theatre shows and branched out to different events and experiences.


My first lighting design was for SJT in 2010 and since then I have been entrusted with several shows for the company including 2 plays written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn, on tour and in New York City. 


I have also done many relights for national and international tours, including converting shows into very different spaces, from number one tours to tiny round venues.

About Me


I am passionate about lighting design. Using lighting to tell a story, entertain, and enhance emotions in the most beautiful way, is what I love to do.


I look forward to working on new and exciting projects, pushing the boundries of my expertise.

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